2.0, Korea


2008 / Jeon Jae-hong > A social commentary on the heels of Kim Ki-duk’s Time by protege Jeon, Beautiful stars the naturally gorgeous Cha Soo-yeon as a woman who makes everyone drop at her feet. Then an act of tragedy occurs that makes her think twice about what it is that she’s flaunting. The script, written by mentor Kim, is undoubtedly trying to tell us something about how superficial the world has become, but isn’t this obvious by now? The cliches in the film are blatant, and the exposition sensational. There’s something in there, somewhere, that’s worth examining further, but the film seems to simply tip toe around it for an hour and a half, acting superior to the audience. Face it: Nobody who watches this ought to discover any new realities of the world afterwards, and if either Kim or Jeon think they’re pushing out something revelatory, it’s time for them to get their own reality check.