2.0, United States/Canada

He’s Just Not That Into You

2009 / Ken Kwapis > He’s Just Not That Into You is one of the most mediocre attempts at legitimizing the tough-love, romantic dramedy genre in Hollywood. It fails primarily because it tries to be street smart only to then fall into trite turns and twists seen a mile away. The lack of focus also doesn’t help: Proper storytelling needs to address the little nuances that tilt emotions, but here we’re dilly-dallying left and right, making sure the dots connect, and all the while, are being given advice and then being told it’s wrong. This again reminds me of Ben Younger’s much unheralded sophomore effort, Prime, which I recall as one of the last movies with similar themes and big stars that worked successfully on multiple levels. Plus, let’s be honest at this point: Scarlett Johansson’s sheer presence on a screen is enough to ruin any movie.