3.5, Europe

Paris, je t’aime

2006 / Tristan Carné > Paris, je t’aime is a mixed bag of short films, no doubt, with a couple of head-scratching entries by Christopher Doyle (which seems to be an extension of his appreciation of Asian women) and Olivier Assayas (where Maggie Gyllenhaal does something, we’re just not sure what). Balancing those are a comfy, introverted short by Alexander Payne in which an American tourist falls in love with Paris and solitude all at once, and arguably the finest piece in the compendium, about a mime who finds love in the most incredulous of places, directed by Sylvain Chomet of The Triplets of Belleville. And though in between is everything from marriage to racism and vampires, the total package’s cohesiveness is rarely lost. It’s tricky, however, when you only have five minutes to get your point across—Symbolism becomes a heavy element but since the viewer’s forced to jump into the next short, there’s not much time to contemplate what the aforementioned symbolism could have meant.