2.5, United States/Canada

Superman Returns

2006 / Bryan Singer
> My disappointment in Superman Returns has considerably little to do with expectations, and everything to do with the fundamentals. I’m amazed that Singer has constructed a giant caricature of a superhero film, filled with big explosions, a villain with ridiculous plans and a storyline that tries to pull a cover over our heads. Dare I say, that even Ratner did a better job with X-Men: The Land Stand because at least he made that fun.

The film has lots of big action sequences, many of which are technically fantastic, but in reality felt laborious to the viewer. Moreover, many of the plotlines—particularly that of Lex Luthor—simply don’t make much sense. Luthor’s plans are inane, but even that is topped by the uninspired climax. Why on earth would you build up that film only to conclude it so simply? Thankfully, Kevin Spacey and Parker Posey were entertaining enough to keep me interested. Brandon Routh’s Clark Kent was well done, but his Superman was fairly harmless and bland (which, sadly, may have been a structural issue).

With great hesitation, I do look forward to Superman Reborn, as it has a much darker, grittier and considerably more interesting storyline. Also, the so-called twist in this film should also be further exploited in the sequel, which alone should make for some entertaining cinema.