4.5, United States/Canada

Synecdoche, New York

2008 / Charlie Kaufman > Here’s a thought: Twenty years from now when we look at 2008’s global filmography, Synecdoche, New York will be the year’s towering achievement. Kaufman’s directorial debut is an injection of a life into the bloodstream, and the way it shakes down our internal struggles and chaotic delusions is truly magnificent. It’s imperfect in ways it should be, in that pseudo-bullshit philosophical manner that nobody can really explain. And because it tries to explain things so minimally, it becomes the viewer’s movie. Everyone can live this, everyone is this, and as crazy as it sounds, sometimes I find myself thinking that it’s about me. The aging of man is a topic that has been touched upon with much success in the past (Ikiru, Wild Strawberries) but never like this. It’s something only Kaufman can do, and it will undoubtedly polarize, fascinate and confuse for years to come.