3.0, Hong Kong/China

Ocean Flame

2008 / Liu Fendou > A train wreck that you can’t take your eyes away from, that’s what Liu’s concocted for us. In this case, it’s the supremely destructive relationship between a street thug and a well-to-do girl who clutches on tighter the harder he pushes. In some scenarios, it’s easy to say that we should only watch movies that have hope, redeeming values, make us comfortable and fluffy inside. This is the antithesis of all that. There’s nothing but the weakest attributes of humanity on display, and is somehow, at least for me, fascinating enough to stay with until the end. It’s also interesting that this is Hong Kong-favorite Simon Yam’s first producing effort. Maybe he’s playing Robin Hood, taking money from his mainstream winnings and putting them into the virtually nonexistent independent film scene on the island. If so, good. While Ocean Flame is as polarizing a film that may be released out of Hong Kong this year, I’m glad someone is taking these chances.